Captain B patent course

The requirement for opening training course of the Captain B category is the participation of at least 4 participants of course.

DGSA Bohemia ltd organizes training courses for applicants for captains category B patent. Courses takes place in the training centre of our company in Děčín (the building of the Public Ports “NA HEGRU”). The final exam is performed at the Děčín Navigation Authority. A Category B patent captain is authorized to steer a vessel, with the exception of a sailing vessel, without limiting the draught and power of the vessel on European Union waterways other than maritime waterways.

Kapitánský patent kategorie B

Applicants can register for the course via online registration form on our website or by phone at: +420 735 856 424 or via email: At the same time, it is necessary to send an application form for the examination to the Navigation Authority at least 10 days before the date of the examination (

The price of Training aptitude course: 7 750 CZK* (including teaching materials)

* All prices include VAT