Based on authorisation issued by State navigation administration of Czech republic, No. 162/Ř/16, we carry out trainings of crew members of inland waterway vessels – experts on board according ADN (European Agreement on International Transport of Dangerous goods on Inland Waterways) . The training lessons are organized every month in our training centre on the spot in the Port of Děčín.

The ADN – Cerfiticate issued in the Czech Republic has been valid in all member states and there is no problem in prolongation the ADN – Certificate being issued elsewhere, also in our country. It is not true, that you have to go through the refresh training only in that particular country and company, where you have acquired the ADN- Certificate.

Školení lodníků – odborník na plavidle ADN

We organize following ADN courses:

  • Basic training for transport by dry cargoes (FRACHT)
  • Basic training for transport by tank vessels of type „N“ (TANK)
  • Basic training combi for transport of dry cargo and transport by tank vessels of type „N“ (FRACHT+TANK)
  • Refresh training (FRACHT,TANK, FRACHT+TANK)
  • Basic specialized training regarding transport of chemicals in tanker vessels of „C“ type
  • Basic specialized training concerning transport of gases in tanker vessels of „G“ type
  • Refresh specialized training (TANKC, TANK G)

Participation in one of the specialized trainings has been subject to confirmation of experience on a tank vessel of type C or G.

The part of preparation for final exams are practical exercises directly onboard a vessel in the Port of Děčín. The lecturers are educated not only in the field of transport of dangerous goods, but they are experienced in shipping and working within inland waterway and sea port facilities.

The validity of Certificate of specialist onboard the vessel according the ADN will be prolonged in the fifth, i.e. last year of its validity. You don´t need to prolong the validity (validity renewal) of the ADN Certificate only there, where it had been issued. Such Certificate renewal can be carried out also in our company.

Please, read how to apply for participation in the traing for ADN – expert

On-line registration form for course of ADN Expert on board