Medical training for inland waterway vessel crews

Company DGSA Bohemia, Ltd. provide medical training for crews of vessels carrying dangerous goods focused to the knowledge of the risks arising from the transport, loading and unloading of dangerous goods, the safe handling of these substances and emergency procedures in emergency situations.

Pre-medical first aid training, which consists of theoretical and practical parts, is part of the medical training and is focused at rescuing persons affected by dangerous substances or injured in activities related to shipping. During the course, the participants will learn the principles of safety and health protection, basic procedures for first aid, treatment of specific injuries caused by burns, poisoning, burns or electric shock, etc.

The practical part of the medical training is focused on the practice of stopping massive bleeding, adult resuscitation by means of indirect cardiac massage or using an automatic external defibrillator.

Part of the health training is the “Man Overboard” training, which in addition to practicing the evacuation of the drowning person includes first aid training for drowning and hypothermia.

Participants will receive a certificate in Czech and English, which is valid in all EU Member States.

The course can be completed by arrangement in our training centre “at Hegr” in Děčín and it is suitable to combine it with training of measuring techniques. For more information contact us via email: or by phone: +420 735 856 424.

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