How to register for a training

Step No. 1

Please, fill in the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM as follows:

Step No. 2

Fill in the application form for examination, which has been available on websites of Státní plavební správa ČR (please, download the application form here) and send it by post to any affiliated branch of the Státní plavební správa ČR.

Notice: The application form must be accepted by the Shipping Authority not late than 10 working days prior to starting the training! (see: Terms of crew members on an ADNR vessel)

Step No. 3

The administrative fee for the basic examination will be paid by means of fee stamps amounting 1500,- Kč and for the refresher examination amounting 200,- Kč. Both parts of the fee stamp are to be attached to the application form. In case the fee stamps consist of several pieces and they would not fit into the space for fee stamp(s) and the payment on the front page of the application form, please, attach all of them on to the left upper corner of the back side of the application form. The tax stamp must not overlap each other.

There is also possibility of paying in cash in the cash counter of the Office, where you will receive a receipt, which you will submit to the filing department officer, or to the personal documents´ department.

Step No. 4

You can apply by means of Online application (see Step 1) or by phone on following phone numbers:

  • +420 735 856 424
  • +421 917 31 32 33

Step No. 5

Please, pay the training fee according to the kind of training being chosen by you as follows:

  • For more informations about payment, please contact us via:
  • tel.: +420 735 856 424
  • e-mail:

Step No. 6

Our assistent in charge for education matters will contact you subsequently and will inform you about all further details, regarding the ADN trainings.