Dates of Radar patent training courses

The condition to open the course of RADAR PATENT preparation is the participation of at least 4 registered persons.

MonthDate of trainingDeadlineExam datePrice of training course*
November26.11.201918.11.201927.11.20195 500,- Kč
April28.04.202020.04.202029.04.20205 500,- Kč
May26.05.202018.05.202027.05.20205 500,- Kč
June23.06.202015.06.202024.06.20205 500,- Kč
September22.09.202014.09.202023.09.20205 500,- Kč
October20.10.202012.10.202021.10.20205 500,- Kč
November24.11.201916.11.202025.11.20195 500,- Kč
December08.12.202030.11.202009.12.20205 500,- Kč

* This price includes costs associated with the operation of the vessel and is also invoiced to the participants of final exam, who do not attend the training course.

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