Handling of independent breathing apparatus

An independent breathing apparatus is used on vessels in case it is necessary to enter the spaces under the deck with low oxygen level in the atmosphere. The usual amount of oxygen in the air is 20,9%, relatively safe for entering the area is also the 19% oxygen volume, but in this case is not allowed to work in such area.

The independent breathing apparatus does not belong to the mandatory equipment of the vessel and its crew. But if it is present on board, there must be at least two breathing apparatuses. According to ADN the person entering an area with an independent breathing apparatus must be secured with a rope and under supervision of another person who has the same equipment.
Further on according to ADN a person who is using an independent breathing apparatus must be trained in the usage and maintenance of the equipment and must be able to manage high physical effort. This training must be followed by practical training.

Our company makes one day training followed by a practical training for crew members of vessels. The training consists of a theoretical part, which takes part in a training room, and a practical part on board of a vessel. The training participants learn how to use the breathing apparatus, how to perform a check on the equipment before usage, how to schedule time for work with a breathing apparatus based on minute ventilation of the lungs and how to act in critical situations, etc.
During practical training, the participants undertake a physical effort with the breathing apparatus based on which their level of lung minute ventilation is set. This level is noted down in the graduation certificate. The certificate is written in Czech or Slovak language and in English.

It is possible to participate on the training of work with an independent breathing apparatus either after graduation from our regular AND courses or in another term which can be agreed on: dgsa@dgsa.cz or on: +421 917 31 32 33.

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