Safety Advisor ADR / RID and SMGS / ADN

Providing of Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor activities by road, rail, inland waterways, maritime for shore-side personnel and air transport in accordance to ADR, RID, ADN, IMDG Code and IATA DGR agreements is one line of DGSA Bohemia business. We offer our services in Czech republic, Slovak republic and abroad.

Bezpečnostní poradce ADR / RID a SMGS / ADN

Our services are based on international certificates and professional competence:

  • Dangerous goods safety advisor by road, rail and inland waterways (ADR/RID + SMGS/ADN)
  • Dangerous goods safety advisor for maritime shore-side personnel (function 1 up to 6 according IMDG Code)
  • Dangerous goods safety advisor for air transport (category 3 according IATA DGR)

Outsourcing in carriage of dangerous goods is the best solution to meet the legislation. Leaving the issue of dangerous goods regulations, which is not core subject of organization, fully to the external subject – DGSA Bohemia, s.r.o.

We set up operation procedures and processes in carriage of dangerous goods in point of safety and international regulations view, according to ADR, RID and SMGS, ADN, IMDG Code, IATA DGR for our clients.

We apply united procedures in training and safety advising field, what bringing guarantee of confidence, professionality and safety. The professionality of our services is build on continuous education and knowledge expansion of our experts, practical application in real environment, long time trade on market in carriage of dangerous goods and cooperation with customer.

We are deservedly considered as a leader in this field, we build our reputation by own way, we are not hiding in back of others …

Our services:

  • Position of an external Dangerous goods safety advisor ADR, RID or ADN
  • Preparing and updating of company documentation (Operative regulations, Safety plan, Annual report, Notification of occurrence involving dangerous goods etc.)
  • Classification of dangerous substances and dangerous wastes according to ADR, RID or ADN
  • Training of employees of the company participated on the activities which include the carriage, or the related packing, loading, filling or unloading, of dangerous goods (personnel according to 8.2.3 ADR applies for cargo vehicles operators, consigners and consignees, employees of loading and unloading, drivers carrying dangerous goods in accordance with 1.1.3 ADR)
  • Training of employees of the company participated on dangerous goods carriage by rail (personnel according to RID – operating staff, staff responsible for the control of wagons and those responsible for the management of rail traffic and marshalling staff.)
  • Training of shore-side personnel, which is participated on dangerous goods carriage by inland waterways
  • Information and consulting service by telephone
  • Information and consulting service in personal consultation form
  • Inspection activities – personal check